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Name:Up to No Good: A musebox for Sorting Hat
Posting Access:All Members
Hey everyone, this is the (unofficial) musebox for roleplayers at Sorting Hat. Ever had anything you were just aching to play, but IC developments twisted you away from it and cockblocked you brutally? PLAY IT OUT HERE. Ever wanted to age your characters up and play out a hypothetical from when they're older to see if you want it to go that way? PLAY IT OUT HERE. Did you just drop, but you find yourself jonesing for more Hat without enough time to app another character? GRAB A PARTNER AND DO-SI-DO PLAY IT OUT HERE.

Basically, if you want to musebox anything within the Sorting Hat universe, come on in. There are four basic rules, though.

1) The community's open to all, so if you show up to play a thread, flag it as inappropriate for minors, please!

2) Membership and posting access is open to all, but that just means it's on the honour system. PLEASE don't join and post if you're not a member/prospective member/former member of Sorting Hat.
2a) Prospective members: This is an unofficial musebox! If you want to RP and be able to use it as a RP sample on your app, you have to go over to the Dressing Room!
2b) Are you not officially even a prospective member of Sorting Hat? Did you forget to take the left turn at Albuquerque and somehow end up here entirely by accident? Don't know what Sorting Hat is (other than, well, the Sorting Hat)? It's a Hogwarts-based pan-fandom AU that's basically the best Dreamwidth-based game ever, with a downright fabulous cast of characters AND muns that YOU could be a part of! Want to know more? Check out the real deal!
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3) As said before, this comm is open to all Sorting Hat based AUs. This is not a dumping ground for general Harry Potter AUs. Sorting Hat is a specific AU. Please keep it limited to the limitless expanse of possibilities presented by Hat, or I will find you.

4) Please use the standard header!
Characters: (Simple enough: characters involved)
Type: (Journal or log)
Open or Closed: (Can other people jump in?)
Summary: (optional, but preferred: explain what's going on!)

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